Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Day in the Life of a Figure Competitor

I wake up to the sound of my quaking alarm at the hour of 5:30am. It is still dark outside and the only noise that filters through my ears are the birds chirping outside my window... if only I could be that chirpy at that hour. I drag my heavy body out of bed to start my day; usually it's a struggle to get up due to the muscle soreness that has crept over my body throughout the night. I make myself somewhat presentable and move to the kitchen, my second favourite place in the entire world next to my bed. I calm my growling stomach with oatmeal and egg whites or a protein shake, and chug a glass of water because every morning I am starving. I gather my two bags, my lunch bag, and gym bag and out the door I go to train my first client of the day. Throughout the morning I continue to sip on water so that I will be hydrated for my workout and cardio session later on. I usually go through about 4-5 litres of water in a day because it keeps me fuller longer, energizes me and releases toxins within my body. Throughout training my morning clients I have coached, advised and motivated them to stay on track and put them through a hell of a workout, by this point I am hungry. Now two out of five meals are consumed. I may train a few more clients or get my cardio session in before my workout depending on client scheduling and such. By this point I have one more client, a break and then I kick my own butt. This is my favourite part of the day. It's Mel time and I get to reward my body by sweating out toxins and working my muscles the way they were meant to be used. Sometimes I have a hard time getting going with my workout however once I start, my energy levels increase, endorphins get released and I feel alive. I finish my workout with a quick stretch (sometimes) and a nod of satisfaction, another day done! Train a few more clients, eat every two hours and go home to start my food preparation for the next day. This usually takes about an hour to prepare, cook, weigh, and clean everything. Some nights I see friends or my boyfriend John, whom I will grab a coffee with and/or watch a movie. It is now 10:30 pm and I am spent. I have been on my feet all day and i am exhausted. So why do I keep doing it? This crazy routine that I call my lifestyle. Well, it is because I actually love it. The structure and the rigidity keep me on track but mostly it's the results.  The way I look and feel at the end of each day is priceless. Within a year I have watched my body transform into a different shape, I have more than doubled my strength and I have gained more confidence in every aspect of my life. Having accomplished one more mini goal in the grand scheme of my overall outcome is indescribable. My goal: I want my pro card. Wanting this comes with making sacrifices and specific choices in terms of relationships, social gatherings, travelling,  etc. Nothing worth having comes without a price, it just depends on what you're willing to do to get it. What do you want? How hard are you willing to work for it?

Happy exercising, competing, weight losing/weight gaining or whatever it is that you're working on right now! Keep at it :-)          

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